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Within, Between, and Beyond exhibition now on view at the Minneapolis Institute of Art July 16 - October 31


Within, Between, and Beyond uses artistic interpretation and storytelling as an innovative and insightful way forward around issues of race and identity in America today––creating intentional space for individuals to share their experiences and speak their truths. A collaborative project centering the stories and identities of mixed race and transracial adoptee participants, Within, Between, and Beyond in exhibition consists of paintings, audio/video interviews, and a reflection space.

On   View  July 16th - October 31st

Visual  Artist Lead: Leslie Barlow

Collaborators: Lola Osunkoya, Ryan Stopera, Andrea Manalov, Alissa Paris, Clarke Sanders, Maya Lehmann, Teiana Nakano

Video   interviews: Ryan Stopera, Lola Osunkoya & Leslie Barlow

Video   Music: Owen Duckworth


at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

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in-person at the Minneapolis Institute of Art through October 31st

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