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MidWest Mixed Blog is Here!!!

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Welcome to the MidWest Mixed Blog!

I’ll keep the intro short and sweet. The primary goal of the MWM Blog is to share individual contributions to the conversations that MidWest Mixed is involved in – namely, those that explore and articulate Mixed Race, Multiracial, and Transracial Adoptee experiences. Inspiration for pieces may include:

  • Reflections on (or anticipations of!) MWM Dialogues and Events

  • Essays/analyses/reactions re current events, pop culture, politics

  • Reviews of books, films, shows

  • Personal narratives

  • Emotions related to Mixed experiences in general, whether joyful or serious shit you’ve been needing to get off your plate

Basically, I’m down to post almost anything related to Mixed identity, so long as it’s thoughtful, respectful, and coming from within the MWM community. Which brings me to my next point…

I alone do not have the capacity (in more ways than one) of being the sole contributor to a semi-frequently (and perhaps even consistently!) updated MWM Blog. Along with monthly contributions from myself, the page will feature writing from another member of the MWM Leadership Team. This is the backbone – one new post every other week, rotating between myself and MWM organizers. However, MidWest Mixed exists to foster dialogue within community, and that mission extends to this blog as well! The backbone schedule is in place for the sake of accountability and consistency during the crazy months. What we really want is to fill the rest of the weeks with contributions from everybody in the MWM community.

I’ll conjure up a more formal writing call, and give mini reminders during Dialogues and Events, but let this be the first announcement – The MidWest Mixed Blog wants to feature your writing. Posts may be inspired by the prompts above, or inspire more prompts. Posts can adhere to formal “English”, but are certainly not expected to. I will state and continuously restate that the blog is meant to expand the means of contributing to the ongoing conversations that MWM aims to foster. We will prioritize writing from contributors that identify as “Mixed” (Mixed Race, Multiracial, Transracial Adoptee, etc.) and POC. Our hard requirements are a) that posts be respectful of self and others1, AND b) that contributors attend at least one Dialogue, Event, or One-on-One2.

Now, let me put one more urgent, blog-related point on the table. The question of representation is the first thing that came to mind when I thought about starting a blog for an organization centered on intersectional experiences. My first of many disclaimers will be my disavowal of intention to speak on behalf of any individual in this collective except myself. Nevertheless, writing, even blog posts, is a productive work with political weight often unbothered by intentions. Actually, this para could be the start of an ESSAY. For now, let me just say I’ll do my best to write responsibly, with awareness of my position and my politics3.

Damn, that was sobering.

Time for a shameless event plug!

Here, We Are, a three-part series of art making and writing workshops, kicks off TOMORROW – THURSDAY August 16th at Public Functionary. Join us for Part 1: Figure Drawing in collaboration with the Twin Cities Indigenous People & POC Figure Drawing Group. Water and snacks will be provided!

Finally, I know y’all are sick of hearing about Kaleidoscope, but one last THANK YOU to all of the folks who made the MWM Summer Social a success! S/O to our sponsors and community members that contributed time, energy, and resources. And all the love to the planning crew –  Jahan, Alissa, Nathan, Leslie, Venessa, and Zoe.

You’re still here? Thanks for reading to the end <3 I am social media averse but will make an effort to get the next post on the radar4. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

All the best,


MidWest Mixed Event + Blog Host

P.S. Got something to share already? We’re still working to finalize the review process. But hmu anyways and we’ll keep you on the burner for the first round of community contributions!


  1. We all get it, right? Respectful of experiences, identities, positions, etc., esp. those that aren’t our own.

  2. I believe locality is important. But I understand that many folks may not have the time and/or resources to make it to a Dialogue. If this is your case but you’d still like to contribute, let me know. We’ll figure it out.

  3. I’m no expert but I’ll take anybody who’s interested on a Spivak reading date. For real.

  4. Clarke, please save my ass!

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