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Call for Subjects: Within, Between, and Beyond

We are looking for four people to be interview & visual subjects for paintings in a new art installation & narrative archive project! Please email leslie.barlow.artist@gmail.com if you are interested with a little information about yourself and why'd you like to be a part of the project. Deadline to send your emailed interest is Friday, March 22, 2019 at 10pm. Details below:

The second MidWest Mixed (MWM) Conference will take place July 12th-14th, 2019 at First Universalist Church in Minneapolis, MN. It has been expanded to provide 2 ½ days of critical discussion, community building, and empowerment, with arts embedded throughout. New this year is the inclusion of the art installation Within, Between, and Beyond. The goal of Within, Between, and Beyond is to create a multi-layered visual and participatory experience as an innovative and insightful way forward around issues of race and identity in America today.

Within, Between, and Beyond is a collaborative project led by artist and MWM Leadership Team member Leslie Barlow, and centers the stories of mixed race and transracial adoptee subjects in visual art and video interviews. Lola Osunkoya, licensed psychotherapist and MWM Director of Programming, will conduct the audio/video interviews. Physically, Within, Between, and Beyond consists of: 4 life-size paintings that are approximately 4’ x 5’ in size; audio/video interviews with the subjects sharing personal experiences with race; a reflection space with reading and ephemera related to race and identity; and audio/video responses to the work through an on-site recording space.

All of the video and audio responses, with permission, will be available after the 2019 MWM Conference as an online archive being developed by a small team. All of the paintings and digital works will be documented and archived online as well– this way, Within, Between, and Beyond will be an empowering resource not only for attendees at the 2019 MWM Conference, but also accessible to anyone in the world.

To see some of Leslie Barlow's existing work, check out her website: www.lesliebarlowartist.com

To learn more about MidWest Mixed's other projects go to our website: www.midwestmixed.com

Images from Leslie Barlow's Loving Series

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