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2019 MidWest mixed conference behind the scenes: Content Management Committee

The Conference planning team and subsequent committees are hard at work preparing for our 2019 MidWest Mixed Conference, happening July 12-14 at First Universalist Church in Minneapolis! Here’s a behind the scenes look at what it takes to plan an event like this for our community.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

The Content Management Committee has been meeting monthly since December to think critically about the content for our conference. Committee Members Aziza, Heather, Maya, Jessica, Alissa, and Owen have been working together to make sure we have an affirming, stimulating, educational, and healing space for the 2019 Conference. They have been focusing on:

  • Reviewing all the amazing content from our 2017 conference

  • Reviewing and re-vamping our Brave Spaces Statement

  • Creating a targeted Call for Proposals seeking workshops, presentations, panels, artists, and performers for the 2019 conference

  • Enlisting the guidance of local and national community leaders who have chosen content for other conferences we admire

  • Setting a framework for reviewing the proposals and identifying community members to join the Proposal Review Committee

  • Arranging for healers to be in space with us at the conference for extra support

Whew! They’ve been busy!

Good news - we’ve extended the deadline for our Call for Proposals to this Sunday 4/14 at 11:59pm! We’re seeking the following types of content:

  • Facilitate a workshop/presentation

  • Facilitate a Panel (We are seeking people to facilitate panel discussions relevant to our conference audience. We are specifically seeking panels that explore experiences of Mixed/multiracial youth and adults, transracial adoptees, and parenting Mixed/multiracial/transracial children)

  • Participate as an individual on a panel

  • Submit visual artwork for display (Please submit up to five quality images of your work to

  • Perform during the large assemblies. MWM is looking for poets, singers, rappers and dancers who want to showcase their talent and keep the audience excited and engage throughout the conference. We have limited slots for this!

  • OTHER: an idea for something that does not fit into any of the descriptions on this list

Don’t be shy, submit your idea today, just click here! (So easy!)

See you at the 2019 MidWest Mixed Conference!

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