Midwest Mixed dialogues

  • MWM TRA/TNA Dialogue: Unpacking & Claiming Our Collective Safety
    May 22, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM CDT
    Hidden Falls Park , Hidden Falls Dr, St Paul, MN 55116, USA
    We will meet in-person outside at Hidden Falls in St. Paul, MN. Plan to wear a mask and create 3 feet of social distance! The conversation will be loosely structured around the topic of ‘collective safety,’ with a mix of whole group and small group opportunities to share story and make community.

history  of  Midwest  mixed   dialogues

The Mixed Race Dialogues started in 2014 as a space for people who identified as mixed race and/or transracial adoptees to discuss our identities, experiences, personal & societal narratives, and build community. The Mixed Race Dialogues started in Alissa Paris’ living room after Owen Duckworth and Alissa decided to gather friends and acquaintances who identified as mixed race to talk about our experiences. For most people who attended the dialogues, it was the first time that they had been in an intentional space with other mixed race people & transracial adoptees talking about our mixed race/cultural experiences. For participants and facilitators alike, there was an affirmation of both our collective experiences and need for a space to continue to build with each other and connect in a deeper way.


Our community of mixed race people and transracial adoptees has grown considerably since we first began the dialogues but we still see bringing people together to talk about our identities and  experiences as a pillar or our work. We understand that we have a group of people who have participated in the past dialogues over the last few years and well as many people new to the MWM community who are eager to be part of these conversations for the first time. We are kicking off this next round of dialogues with the intention of both re-engaging folks who have been involved in the past as well as bringing in new participants.


Updated   Summer / Fall  Dialogue   Schedule   will   be   public  soon


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