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Midwest  mixed

Our Work Centers...

Black, Indigenous & POC of all skin tones and across the gender and sexuality spectrum who identify as or connect to the experiences of being mixed-race, multiracial, biracial, multiethnic, or as transracial and/or transnational adoptees. We also hold space for interracial couples and multiracial/mixed families.

Our  Mission

We use dialogue, alternative education, & artistic expression to support mixed people & transracial adoptees of color to learn through an intersectional framework, heal racial trauma, and build community solidarity in the struggle for equity and justice. 

Our  Vision

We envision a world free from oppressive social constructs, in which we draw on the healing powers of knowing our past,  grounding into our present, and cultivating a just future for our descendants.

Midwest  mixed  team


MidWest Mixed events, conferences, and admin work are all organized by an incredible rotating Leadership Team of volunteers, artists, and leaders from the Twin Cities and surrounding community. Co-founded in 2014 by Alissa Paris and Owen Duckworth, MidWest Mixed is strengthened by the diverse perspectives and contributions from its Leadership Team, led by MidWest Mixed Executive Director Alissa Paris. Since 2014, the Leadership Team has engaged over 20 different community members.

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