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About MidWest Mixed

MidWest Mixed was founded in 2014 by members Alissa Paris and Owen Duckworth. As members of communities that are deeply polarized around race and other measures of identity, the goal of MWM is not to divide, but to provide safer spaces to move deeply into our authentic selves. We are a group of parents, youth, artists, teachers, community organizers and friends all dedicated to courageous conversations. After two years of hosting a space known as “The Mixed Dialogues”, members of the group formed a committee to plan the first MidWest Mixed Conference, in hopes of reaching more people. In a nation and world that has a growing number of people who identify as mixed race, we see the urgency of shining light on the diverse experiences of mixed people and families, as well as putting forward stories that can both unite us, and also deepen our analysis of the state of racial issues in this world. MWM works to bring thoughtful programming to the community to further the conversation and produce change.

August 4th – 6th

The 1st MidWest Mixed Conference was a SUCCESS!

On August 4th-6th, artists and community organizers from the Twin Cities hosted the first MidWest Mixed Conference, to explore themes connected to multiracial identities & families with art at the center.

MMC 2017

Past Speakers

MidWest Mixed feels so fortunate to have a number of speakers approaching the topic of mixed/multi-racial identities from so many different lenses.

Watch Rebecca Polston’s Keynote from the 2017 MWM Conference

Watch Ricardo Levins Morales’ Keynote from the 2017 MWM Conference



Rebecca Polston, the only professional black midwife working out of the hospital setting in Minnesota, will speak on finding her voice and the transformative nature of birth.


Levins Morales

An award-winning artist, Levins Morales will share his perspective from the crossroads of identity, culture and organizing, as a self-proclaimed “healer and trickster organizer disguised as an artist.”

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